Birdsong Farm & Apiary
Contact: Emily Vollmer
Address: PO BOX 102 Manzanita, OR, 97130
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Phone: 541-908-3829
About Us
Located in the Nehalem Valley, tucked inland, just over Neah-kah-nie mountain from the sea. Rainfall from the mountain feeds the creek that borders our farm and supplies the groundwater in my fields.

I'm Emily Vollmer, and I am a beekeeper and a farmer growing vegetable seeds and delicious food crops. I enthusiastically utilize organic and ecological farming methods.

I studied organic production systems for both my BS at Cornell University, and my Masters degree at North Carolina State University, and have worked on more than 10 organic farms on both the East and West coast. For 7 years now, I have been farming here on the North Oregon coast. This is where I call home.

Find me on Instagram for a window into the farm, and follow along through the seasons.
Agroecological practices are core to how I cultivate my crops and tend to my honey bees. `

I have 20 beehives in the Nehalem Valley where they forage the lush fields and forests. I care for my bees using only natural compounds, and harvest the honey raw so as to protect its nutritional properties, and wonderful flavors.

We use organic production methods, and no synthetic chemicals.

Many of my crops are dry farmed, which means they were planted with the spring rains, but then relied on groundwater to grow and mature. Dry farming uses a variety of management strategies to grow summer crops without supplemental irrigation. Less water, more flavor - dry farmed crops generally yield less than when irrigated, but the harvest can be more flavorful.