Deep River Potatoes - All proceeds go to Clatsop Humane Society
Contact: Krist Novoselic
Address: PO BOX 153 NASELLE, WA, 98638-0153
Email Address:
Phone: 360-465-2841
About Us
Grown in Deep River, Washington. Farm proceeds from sale of potatoes donated to Clatsop Animal Shelter.
No pesticide, no herbicide. Natural fertilizer. Hand weeding. Small tractor tills and makes rows. Seed potatoes are spaced in rows, then covered. Nature does its thing and sprouts emerge. Hilled plants with tractor and disks. Last year, as a result of a really dry season, we watered once, soaking plants with a hose by hand. Walked through rows a few times to pull big weeds by hand. Other time, drug an implement with small tractor to disturb weeds between rows. Eventually, plants died back. We pulled withered vines and harvest with small, Italian made potato digging machine. Produced about 1500 pounds for 2021 season.